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Approving Affiliations with Schools or Clinical Sites
Member Types:
As an ACEMAPP member, your affiliations represent who you work with the system and which organizations can access your information. When a school or clinical site requests an affiliation, you will be notified via email and see the "You Have a Pending Affiliation Request(s)" notification upon logging into ACEMAPP.
Completing Your Profile
Member Types:
Completing your profile is an essential step toward becoming compliant for your clinical rotation. This help desk guide provides instructions on how to complete your profile.
Forgot Password
Member Types:
After your ACEMAPP is created, you will receive a verification email and a link to set your password to log in. You can easily reset your password if you cannot find the set password link with the "Forgot Password" option.
Getting Started with ACEMAPP
Member Types:
Welcome to ACEMAPP! This help desk guide provides an overview of how to navigate ACEMAPP and meet compliance for upcoming clinical rotations.
Google 2-Factor Verification
Member Types:
For increased security, ACEMAPP allows you to enable Google 2-Factor Verification. If you choose to follow this process, you will need to enter your ACEMAPP password and a unique code from your mobile phone (using the Google Authenticator mobile app) each time you log in. This extra layer of security will protect your account with both your password and your phone.
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