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Billing: Administrators
Member Types:
The Billing Page shows Invoices to your organization as well as detail.
Download & Print Receipts
Member Types:
After making your ACEMAPP membership payment, you can download and print an invoice by following this guide
Entity Billing Page
Member Types:
As an admin, you can use this page to view all unpaid invoices for your entity.
Managing Expiring Members
Member Types:
If your organization pays for member accounts (i.e., Students), you will receive a notification on your ACEMAPP home screen. This notification will let you know when you have upcoming invoices that contain member accounts that are about to expire.
Membership Period: How to Make a Payment
Member Types:
Your membership date is set by your School Coordinator upon registration into ACEMAPP, and is good for one year. This information is located on the left-side of your dashboard in the "Membership Period" window.