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ACEMAPP strives to provide a web experience we can all take part in by default. While we are always trying to improve our accessibility, we do use some third party applications that were not created with accessibility in mind but do provide great value. In these instances we have created alternatives that are functionally identical to their non-accessible counterparts but displayed to cooperate with assistive technologies.
ACEMAPP Library Resources
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The ACEMAPP Library provides a catalog of resources that may be relevant to your interests. All resources have been thoughtfully curated by Michigan Health Council.
Add and Remove Vendor Admins
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This article will walk you through the steps to add a new vendor admin user to your organization.
Checking Compliance with your Affiliations
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The Affiliations section on your Home page will show compliance for the school and rotations you are affiliated with in ACEMAPP.
Completing your Preceptor Profile
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I'm a Preceptor in ACEMAPP, now what? To complete your preceptor account, make sure to complete your profile information.
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