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Advanced Course Setup - Configuration View
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Advanced Course Setup - Configuration View

Courses can have their own set of requirements attached to them. To view how your courses are set up, you can go to the "Edit Course" page and see all attached requirements and how they affect compliance.

Step 1:

From your Home Page, click the "Courses" button in the navigation bar to open the Courses screen.

image shows to click courses in the navigation bar

NOTE: The Courses feature is an optional feature in ACEMAPP. Your organization needs to use Courses to view this page.

Step 2:

On the Course you would like to review, click the "Edit" (pencil icon) button to open the Edit Course page.

image shows clicking edit pencil button

Step 3:

In the Navigation panel, click the attached requirement to review. If there is a requirement, module, assessment, etc... attached, there would be a number next to that item showing how many unique items are attached to that item.

course edit screen showing navigation panel

To learn more, please contact ACEMAPP Support at 844-223-4292 or email us at

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